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Spectator & Parent Info

By AWT, 04/28/18, 8:45AM EDT


FAQs for All

Free admission!

Park near the Y Building!

Come anytime between 8 and 4!


FAQs for Junior Bots

Also - info to provide parents (I got a phone call from a parent, so if you haven't sent anything out, please consider doing so.


FAQs for Parents:

a) Timing:  Arrive at 10 am and battles go until your team is done (like most tournaments) but could go as late as 6 pm. (It's a win-win situation! If you're not in the finals, you get to go home, or spectate?)

b) Attire: Jr Bots T-Shirt, closed-toe shoes, long pants

c) Lunch vouchers provided for team participants (nothing fancy, just hot dog combo at the snack bar), teams are welcome to bring snacks to share

d) Specific Location:  Lakeland - the Y Building (which is a left as you enter Clocktower Drive), which is the Athletic building.  Teams will be in the Auxiliary Gym when they are getting ready to compete, battles will be in the main gym (not hard to find).  There will also be a hospitality room for parents over in Lakeland's new building, the Hive:  free coffee & cookies, that sort of thing, because you get to be among the first to check out this new space.  Parking is free, but the event is popular, so you might have to park a little ways away.

f)  team photos will be available for purchase onsite


If you have any other questions let Shannon or I know Coolest Junior Bot poll will be online at (or on our Facebook page )